Take back your lawn from moles with Tomcat's effective trap technology

It's a terrible feeling when you look out and see your once pristine lawn crisscrossed by a web of tunnels and mounds. Moles can make a horrible mess of your yard as they tunnel underground in search of food. If they've invaded, you CAN deal with the problem, and take back your lawn.

The Tomcat® Mole Trap is a heavy-duty, dual-spring trap that can be used alone or in conjunction with Tomcat® Mole Killer baits to take care of your mole problem. This specially designed "hands-free" mole trap is fast and easy to place and set. Simply identify active mole tunnels in your lawn, place the trap jaws in the tunnel, and step on the trap's yellow foot pedal to set the trigger below the surface.

When you've caught the culprit, just push open the trap and empty it into the garbage. Tomcat® Mole Traps make it easy to control moles, so that you can get rid of unsightly mole tunnels and back to building a more beautiful yard.

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