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Find out how to choose the right rodent products for your problem and use them effectively.

Something's been in your pantry or nibbling on your electric cords or scampering around the attic. Is it a rat or a mouse? Here's how to tell.

Learn everything from setting traps to bait ingredients.

All you'll need to know about rodents - from biology to behavior and more.

To make the most of your catch-and-release efforts and get rid of a mouse without hurting or killing it, follow these steps.

Tomcat has you covered with a variety of options to catch a rat or trap a mouse.

When the walls of your home become safe havens for mice, it’s time to take action.

Rodents can multiply quickly and don’t usually travel alone.

Simple tips for humanely dealing with house mice.

Follow these tips to help you rid your yard of the moles making unsightly tunnels and mounds.

Finding rats in your house is scary.

Here’s how to identify mouse poop and dispose of it safely.