How to Use Catch & Release Traps for Mice by TOMCAT

Learn how to use catch and release traps for mice.

Learn how reusable traps work and how to catch mice without killing them.

Discover where catch and release traps work the best.

Hate having rodents in your home but don't like the thought of killing them? Catch-and-release or live-catch traps are the right tools for you. Tomcat offers several traps to meet your individual needs.

TOMCAT catch-and-release, or live catch mouse traps, are re-usable traps that offer a catch-and-release option. These traps are designed with the most advanced technology on the market to capture mice. Sleek in appearance, these attractive traps won't scream, "mice!" If you have one mouse or several mice, live traps are a great way to capture mice without killing them.

The Live Single Catch Mouse Trap has a carefully designed entry and innovative styling to ensure more captures and fewer false triggers. To set, simply place a small amount of TOMCAT Mouse Attractant or peanut butter onto the rear door of the trap. Pull up on front of the trap and pull up the hinging piece to create a tent effect using the two legs.

When the mouse moves to the back to get the bait, the front door hinges close - trapping the mouse. The Live Catch Mouse Trap requires no winding or bait and can catch up to 10 mice. Simply remove from the package and place it. To use TOMCAT Live Multi Catch Mouse Trap, just wind the crank 6 times and it is ready to catch up to 10 mice

TOMCAT Catch & Release traps work well when placed along walls or out-of-sight areas where mice like to travel. Place the entry holes in line with the wall. Curious mice traveling along walls will step inside to investigate. Once inside, the trapping mechanism prevents them from escaping. Experiment with the location of traps. If you're not catching mice, move them to another location where you've seen signs of mice. Mice usually travel only 10 to 30 feet from their nest to their food source. Place traps along these active runways.

Traps should be monitored twice daily to release mice on a regular basis as to not prohibit regular food and water consumption. Release the captured mouse outdoors in a remote location from your home in order to eliminate migration back into the house, or wherever desired. TOMCAT's multiple mouse traps feature clear or tinted lids for fast, easy monitoring and no-hassle use.

For more information, watch our video on Setting a Catch and Release Trap.

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