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Different rodent products get rid of rodents in different ways. Learn more about each type of product to find the right one for you with Tomcat.

Success is in the details! Here’s how to become a master mouse trapper.
Time-tested mouse control methods meets new technology.
Here's what you need to know before you decide.
Use this simple guide to help you choose the best way to tackle your mouse problem.
Discover why those bait blocks you used to purchase now have to come with a station.
To make the most of your catch-and-release efforts and get rid of a mouse without hurting or killing it, follow these steps.
Effective control for mice without harming the rodent.
Time-tested rat control methods meets new technology.
Learn how to prevent rats or mice from infesting your home.
Learn how to set a bait station to kill mice and rats.
Tomcat offers a full line of mechanical mouse traps that provide a quick and effective way to kill mice, that you can see working immediately.