The Complete Guide to Bait Stations for Rodents

Learn how to set a bait station to kill mice and rats.

What is a Bait Station?

A rodent bait station is a safety device that secures a poisonous bait block in place to help prevent children and pets from unintentionally being exposed to the rodent bait. Bait stations do not function the same way that traps do and instead, allow rodents to enter the bait station, consume poisonous bait lure, and retreat to their nests where they pass away within a couple of days.

In this article, get all the information you need about rodent bait stations, including the different types of bait stations and how they individually work.

The Difference Between Mice and Rat Bait Stations

Bait stations for mice and for rats are regularly sold separately despite both being used to get rid of rodents that should not be entering your home. While both types of rodents can be removed through the help of bromethalin bait blocks, the effectiveness of the bait stations differ based on size.

With mice being distinctly smaller than rats, bait stations for mice are designed to be smaller than rat bait stations to ensure that a precise amount of bait block is offered to maximize the effectiveness of the bait block and the bromethalin ingredient in it. Purchasing a bait station for mice for the removal of rats, for example, causes the potential of rats not being able to easily fit into the station to consume the bait block. On the other hand, a rat bait station for mice may hinder the effectiveness of the bait due to the potential of mice not being able to consume the bait block before the effectiveness of the lure loses its freshness.

Disposable Bait Stations

Perhaps you’ve begun seeing signs of rodents in your home for the first time. To get rid of rodents quickly, the use of a disposable bait stations for mice as well as disposable bait stations for rats allow you to dispose of the station in the garbage when you believe the process of removing the rodents is complete. Disposable bait stations are pre-filled with a bromethalin rodenticide and are ready to use right out of the package. Once the bait is consumed, the entire station is disposed of, making it a convenient and mess-free option.

Despite being more suitable for smaller rodent incidents, one single fresh bait block in a disposable station can kill up to 10 rats and up to 12 mice.

disposable bait station

Refillable Bait Stations

Refillable bait stations are available for rats, as well as refillable bait stations for mice and give you the opportunity to refill the station with a fresh bait block when one bait block simply isn’t enough. This makes them a cost-effective solution for ongoing rodent problems. When the bait is depleted, instead of disposing of the whole station, you simply refill it with fresh bait blocks following the instructions provided on the package.

Regular maintenance is required for refillable stations, including cleaning and replenishing the bait when it becomes moldy, soiled, or infested by insects. The benefit of the see-through container is the ability to continuously monitor the state of the bait inside of the station.

refillable bait station

Choosing the Right Bait Station for Your Rodent Problem

Understanding the different types of bait stations available can help determine which one will help get rid of the rat or mouse problem in your home. Each variation of bait station has its benefits and caters to your preference in how you want to get rid of the rodents and dispose of them. Learn about the different types of bait station with the following list:

Disposable bait stations for mice are ideal if you require:

  • Killing up to 12 mice at once and are willing to wait up to 24 to 48 hours to do so
  • A bait station that can be used indoors specifically and alternatively, outdoors with a weather-resistant option available
  • A bait station that is both child and pet resistant
  • A ready-to-use bait station that does not require users to touch the rodenticide bait block at all

Refillable bait stations for mice are ideal if you require:

  • A bait station that can be refilled with the amount of bait blocks needed to kill entire colonies of mice
  • An indoor/outdoor bait station that can interchangeably be placed both vertically and horizontally for ease of use
  • A reusable bait station that you can continue to refill with fresh bait blocks to successfully get rid of mice in and around your home
  • A bait station that is also child and pet resistant

Disposable bait stations for rats are ideal if you require:

  • A solution specific to getting rid of Norway rats and Roof rats
  • A ready-to-use bait station that can sufficiently kill up to 10 rats
  • A bait station that you can simply put in the garbage after its use
  • A child and pet resistant bait station that can be used both indoors and outdoors

Refillable bait stations for rats are ideal if you require:

  • A bait station can be refilled with enough bait block to kill an entire colony of Norway rats or Roof rats indoors and outdoors
  • A weather-resistant bait station designed to withstand being used outdoors
  • A child and pet resistant bait station designed to withstand any tampering with while managing to keep the bait block intact
  • A bait station designed with a clear bait block lid to continually monitor the condition of the bait block inside of the station

Why Bait Blocks Require the Use of A Bait Station

bait blocks

Highly poisonous rodenticide such as bromethalin is hazardous to be kept around your home and should be handled safely at all times. The following reasons are why rodent bait blocks require the use of a bait station:

  • Bait stations prevent bait blocks from falling out of place. To avoid any accidents, bait stations are designed to keep the bait block intact during its time in your home. Any human-induced mishaps or rodent-related tampering is greatly reduced when the bait block is secured inside of a bait station.
  • Bait stations provide rodents with some “safety”. While the intent is not to welcome mice and rats into your home, welcoming them to consume the poisonous bait block is encouraged by giving rodents an obstruction-free place to consume it. Offering rodents a protected place for them to freely enter and exit as they please will heighten the bait’s effectiveness.
  • Bait stations deter non-rodents from finding the bait block. With the bromethalin bait block being so poisonous, bait stations provide added safety and peace of mind that pets and little children cannot consume the bait themselves. Bait stations are designed to ensure that only rodents can get to the bait block.
  • Bait stations maintain the overall condition of the bait block. Keeping the bait block free of moisture, dust and dirt is important in ensuring that it is as enticing as it can be to mice and rats. By always keeping the bait blocks in a bait station, it also allows you to safely inspect the bait for yourself during the process of removing rodents in your home.

Where to Place Bait Stations

Should you decide to use a bait station, bait stations should be placed in areas of your home that you believe receive high traffic from rodents. Most bait stations are also weather-resistant should you decide to place the bait station somewhere outside of your home. It is important to keep the bait station no further than 15m from your home to maximize the station’s use in protecting your home.

Due to the poisonous characteristics of the bait block inside of the bait station, it is important to be mindful of where you place the station if you have children and pets at home. If so, bait stations are best to be used in hidden areas that children and pets cannot access for total safety reasons.

where to place

How to Set Refillable and Disposable Bait Stations

Preparing a bait station for use takes a little bit of manual setup that would involve having to physically touch the bait block. For those who fear touching the poisonous bait, disposable bait stations come ready-to-use and include a bait block already installed. With no need to manually install the bait block yourself, disposable bait stations are ideal for situations where you don’t feel the need to keep a refillable bait station on-hand for future use.

Refillable bait stations work great for getting rid of rodent colonies and as the name suggests, can be refilled with new bait blocks when needed. With its ability to be used for future use, refillable bait stations can be stored and set aside should you require to set some fresh bait blocks out again. To use a refillable bait station, follow these steps to effectively apply a bait block:

Follow these steps to make sure you’re setting the bait station properly:

  1. It is important to wear gloves when handling bait stations and bait blocks as you set it up. Remove the bait station from the package. Wearing gloves during the unpacking will help prevent any potential for contamination during this time.
  2. Place the bait station in a manner that rodents can enter and exit with no obstructions.
  3. Keep bait blocks out in areas that are highly favoured by rodents. During this time, you can begin identifying if you require revisiting these steps.

In cases of larger rodent colonies, placing multiple bait stations every 5 to 10 metres can help with the removal process.

Replacing Bait Blocks in a Refillable Bait Station

Refilling a bait station with a new bait block should be done with extreme caution due to its poisonous state. It is important to always wear gloves throughout the process of refilling your bait station to avoid skin irritation.

Follow these two steps to properly remove an old bait block and loading a new one:

  • To remove a bait block, find access to the bait block tab from underneath the station and push the bait block tab up. This is done by squeezing the prongs of the bait block tab and pulling it away from the station.
  • Place the new bait block into the tab and push the bait block back into the bait station until it properly clicks into place.
replacing bait blocks

Bait Station

Regularly checking on bait stations that are in use is important in ensuring that the bait block is in the best condition for rodents to find. Keeping entry points of the bait station clear is essential to having your bait station work effectively.

Safety Precautions WHen Using a Bait Station

Handling a Bait Station With Care

Using gloves is the safest way to handle a bait station to avoid any chance of skin irritation due to contamination. When replacing a disposable bait station, gloves should also be used during the entire replacement process.

Keeping Bait Stations Away From Children and Pets

While not all bait stations are pet and child resistant, most are, depending on what the product packaging states. Although this is true, bait stations should remain away from areas that are frequented by children and pets to avoid any tampering of the station and the bait block during its use.

Refillable bait blocks and any unused bait stations should be safely stored away from children and pets to ensure that they are in working condition when the time comes for their use.

Safe Disposal of Bait Stations

Disposable bait stations can be thrown into the garbage as soon as it has helped get rid of rodents in your home. Aside from always using gloves to safely dispose of disposable bait stations, it is important to check with your local municipality to ensure that you are following the correct hazardous waste disposal guidelines in your area.


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