The Complete Guide to Humane Mouse Traps

To make the most of your catch-and-release efforts and get rid of a mouse without hurting or killing it, follow these steps.

How do Humane Mouse Traps Work?

Catch and release mouse traps are designed with a one-way entry hole that does not let mice exit the trap as they invite themselves to the bait lure found inside. Depending on the size of the trap, some humane mouse traps can catch up to 10 mice at a time. When the desired amount of mice are caught in the trap, the trap is to be taken outside and opened up for the mice to finally make their way back into the wild.

The core benefit of humane traps is the ability to catch mice in your home without harming them. No-kill traps are equally as effective as other traps when using the proper bait to lure mice into the trap.

What are Humane (Catch & Release) Mouse Traps?

For a more humane approach to getting rid of rodents, catch and release mouse traps are designed to catch mice inside of an entrapment that lets rodents in, but not out. Modern designs of these humane traps allow you to catch mice and let them back into the wild without having to touch any mice at all.

catch & release

Catch and release mouse traps are a good option for users who have identified a few mice in their home, but do not have interest in killing them. These traps are also reusable in any case that the trap needs to be used again.

catch and release

What Attracts Mice to The Humane Mouse Trap?

Peanut butter is an ideal choice to lure mice into a humane mouse trap due to its strong scent that mice can identify when nearby. While this is true, the scent of peanut butter may attract other pests such as cockroaches and insects that may end up consuming more of the peanut butter than the mice.

Alternatively, attractant gel for capturing rodents is designed to easily apply to any trap for a mess-free application. Attractant gel for rodents can be applied to all mouse traps and is non-toxic to children and pets, yet, irresistible to mice.

Single Catch & Release Trap

This type of humane mouse trap is designed to catch one mouse at a time. Catch & release traps are reusable for future use in case any mice happen to return. The largest selling point of humane mouse traps is that there is no intent on harming rodents when using this type of trap.

single catch and release

Multi-Catch & Release Trap

With a much different design than seen with a single catch & release trap, the multi-catch version of humane traps make it possible to catch up to 10 mice at once. With a one-way entrance into the trap, mice are kept in place beneath a transparent top to let users peer into the catch & release trap to see if any rodents have been caught.

multi catch

Choosing the Right Humane Trap for Your Mouse Problem

Understanding the different types of humane traps available can help determine which one will help get rid of the mouse problem in your home most effectively. Discover the benefits of the two types of traps with the following list:

Single catch & release traps are ideal if you require

  • A solution to catching one single mouse with the intent of releasing it back into the wild
  • A trap designed to have a higher probability of catching a mouse with much fewer false triggers
  • A trap that is reusable for future use

Multi-catch & release traps are ideal if you require:

  • A solution to catching up to 10 mice at a time with the intent of releasing them back into the wild
  • A easy-to-use trap that involves no set-up time
  • A child safe option that prevents them from gaining access into the trap
  • A safe way to catch mice and bring them outside for an easy release

Using Humane Mouse Traps

When to Use Humane Mouse Traps

Catch and release mouse traps are the humane alternative to traps designed to kill rodents. While some humane mouse traps are designed to catch up to 10 mice, it is still not ideal for dealing with an entire colony. Humane mouse traps are only ideal for brief instances of mice in the home, as opposed to it becoming a recurring problem.

Should you be recurrently combating a large number of mice in or around your home, rodent bait stations are more ideal for the situation.

Where to Use Humane Mouse Traps

Catch and release mouse traps can be placed anywhere you would place any other mouse trap. The closer to the entry-points of your home that you believe mice are entering from, the better chance there is to safely catch mice.

How to Set Humane Mouse Traps

Humane mouse traps are easy to set up with the multi-catch release traps being ready-to-use straight out of the packaging. Follow these steps to maximize the potential of catching mice:

Single Catch & Release Traps

  • Remove the bait box of the trap by separating it from the opposite end of the rodent entrance.
  • Apply a bait of your choice or an attractant gel to the bait box and reattach it to the humane trap.
  • Lift the door of the entrance to the trap.
  • Once the entrance is open, place the catch & release trap in an area that rodents frequent.

Multi-Catch & Release Traps

  • Simply place the trap in an area that rodents frequent.
  • Since this trap can catch up to 10 mice, frequently check on the trap and decide when it is time to release the rodents from the trap outdoors.
  • Slide the top of the trap to release rodents back into the wild

Safety Precations When Using a Humane Mouse Trap

Handling a Humane Mouse Trap With Care

Using gloves when handling traps is always a good idea to avoid accidentally touching hazardous waste from the rodents. When handling the mouse trap with mice inside, it is important to handle the trap carefully not only for the safety of the mice, but also to ensure that the mice remain inside of the trap during the transition of being brought outside once again.

Keeping Humane Mouse Traps Away From Children and Pets

Catch and release mouse traps offer users some peace of mind knowing that children and pets will have difficulty gaining access into the trap itself. While this is true, it is important to still raise some caution as mice can carry harmful diseases and toxins with them as they move around areas in your home.

Safe Disposal of Humane Mouse Traps

Catch and release mouse traps can be reused in cases where mice may return to your home. Should you decide to dispose of your humane mouse trap, these traps are safe to throw into the garbage if it is no longer needed to catch mice again.