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All you'll need to know about rodents - from biology to behavior and more.
Deer love to feed on landscape plants, gardens, bulbs, and more. Learn how to keep them away.
Now that you're rid of those unwanted guests, keep them out.
Learn how to use catch and release traps for mice.
Tomcat offers a full line of mechanical rat traps that provide a quick and effective way to kill rats that you can see working immediately.
Find out what rats like to see on the menu
A good home inspection will help you determine the type of rodent you're dealing with.
When the walls of your home become safe havens for mice, it's time to take action.
Rodents can multiply quickly and don't usually travel alone.
Simple tips for humanely dealing with house mice.
Follow these tips to help you rid your yard of the moles making unsightly tunnels and mounds.
Finding rats in your house is scary.