Inaugural Tomcat® Mouse Pardon

A truly historical moment: Tomcat—a symbol of fear and terror among mice, rats, and rodents alike—has announced that for the first time ever, he is extending his paw in pardon to one fortunate mouse in the spirit of Thanksgiving. After decades of standing as a mouse's worst nightmare, for one day only, Tomcat is showing some clemency. From this day forward, Julius Cheeser (and only Julius Cheeser) will no longer live in fear of Tomcat's wrath.

MARYSVILLE, Ohio, November 24, 2020--In honor of the season of giving, Tomcat is mercifully granting a pardon for one very fortunate mouse, Julius Cheeser. No longer under Tomcat's reign; free from capture, Mr. Cheeser will live a life unlike his much less fortunate peers—a life filled with many scurried strolls in parks and endless delectable cheeses. This is a pivotal moment in Tomcat's history, but Tomcat has been very clear in saying this is a one time only deal, and all other mice should continue to stay away from people's homes or prepare to meet their doom.

Julius Cheeser was born on October 10th, 2020 in Merrillville, Indiana. A young mouse, Julius still hopes to one day fulfill his goal of venturing to the moon to find out if it is really made of cheese.

When asked about the pardon, Julius Cheeser excitedly said, "Squeak squeak squeak Tomcat, squeak squeak squeak squeak. Squeak squeak, squeak cheese."

Tomcat has exterminated and forbade critters from entering people's homes for decades, never sparing a soul. Julius Cheeser will be the very first, and for the next 365 days at least, the very last.

Tomcat wishes you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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