How to Use Mechanical Traps

Trap and kill with a mechanical trap that fits your preferences.

How to Use Mechanical Traps

Tomcat mechanical traps provide quick and effective way to kill rodents in a way you can see working immediately. Traps hold the mouse to confirm where it has been traveling and that the problem has been handled.

You want mice gone, but everyone has different preferences when it comes to trapping and killing them. Tomcat has various trap options based on these preferences. Are you slightly squeamish when it comes to seeing a dead mouse? Tomcat® Kill & Contain® Mouse Trap offers a no-see, no-touch way to trap and kill mice. It is also covered so kids and pets don't snap fingers or paws.

To set the Kill & Contain® Mouse Trap, simply open the bait door located at the back of the trap and place a lure such as peanut butter or specially formulated Tomcat® Attractant Gel into the bait well and close the bait door. Set the trap by pressing the set arm located on the side of the trap. The easy-view indicator will point to "Set" and you will hear a click when the trap is set. Place the trap with the opening in the path of the suspected runway, parallel to the baseboard or other object. Check the trap frequently. When the indicator points to "Mouse Caught", use convenient grab tab to dispose of the entire trap. No fuss and no mess!

If you are not concerned about seeing the dead mouse or actually like to see the evidence, Tomcat offers highly effective, easy-to-use solutions. Tomcat® Press 'N Set® Mouse Trap effectively kills and allows for easy, no-touch disposal. These plastic, spring-loaded snap traps are easy to set and to reduce the risk of pinched fingers while setting.

Place a pencil eraser sized dollop of a food such as peanut butter or Tomcat® Attractant Gel into the bait well prior to setting the trap. After baiting, pull the set bar back the entire way until you hear a "click" to tell you it is locked.

Place the Press 'N Set® Mouse Traps perpendicular to walls or other objects, with the "teeth" of the trap facing the wall. Rodents coming from either direction step on the trigger, which releases the trap.

When the mouse has been caught, pick up the trap using the grab tab and dispose of the trap and the rodent in the trash. If you would prefer to reuse the trap, pinch it open and drop the dead rodent in the trash. Your fingers will never touch the dead mouse.

TIP: How many traps should you use? That depends on the number of rodents. If you suspect more than one or two, place several traps where you've seen signs of rodents. You can set as many as a dozen if you suspect you have a significant problem.

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