How to Use Glue Traps and Boards

Find out what makes glue traps so convenient and easy to use.

No one wants to deal with rodents, but Tomcat offers a wide variety of weapons to effectively battle them. Glue or adhesive traps or boards are one of many methods for control of mouse and rat issues, but they also provide a way to uncover and track rodent activity. They can be used standalone but also can be very helpful as part of a total system of rodent control in use with baits and mechanical traps. While you always want to use any rodent control in low traffic areas of the home, glue traps are pesticide-free and do not snap on hands and paws, so they can be placed in a wider variety of locations where rodents travel regularly like the kitchen or hallways.

Mice and rats are creatures of habit - they like to take the same path to and from their nests. Mice are also very curious, so they'll check out any new thing along the way. Rats are more hesitant to explore new things, so slightly more time may be needed for them to encounter the trap. These behaviors will help you detect and control your rodent problem.

Tomcat Glue Traps come ready to use and provide the perfect combination of immediate grip and stretchable hold. Simply open the package, separate the traps and place. For Tomcat Glue Boards, remove the protective paper by gripping in one corner and pull in one smooth, continuous motion. You can also use the glue boards as covered traps by folding around the fold lines, removing the protective paper, then sliding the tab into the slit to create a box with two opens ends for the pest to run through.

Position traps along active rodent runways, such as along walls, under large kitchen appliances, in cupboards, and other areas where rodents travel. Be sure to fit the glue trap flush against a wall where rodents will run over and stick to it. Avoid placing traps in corners indoors. Since glue traps hold the mouse in place to show evidence, you can utilize glue traps to track where rodents are traveling. If you don't catch a mouse within 2 days, move the trap to another spot. In addition to capturing mice, Tomcat Glue Traps of all varieties also trap insects such as spiders, roaches, or even scorpions. After use, dispose of the trap and captured rodent or insects in the trash.

Tomcat Glue Traps and Boards are specially formulated for effective rodent control and come in a variety of styles and formulas, including Original, with Eugenol for Enhanced Stickiness, and SuperHold.

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