Which Bait Station Is Right for Me?

Use this simple guide to help you choose the best way to tackle your mouse problem.

Maybe you woke up to hear something scampering in the wall behind your bed. Or perhaps you opened the cupboard to get some cereal and spied mouse droppings in the corner. Or maybe you saw an actual mouse running across the kitchen floor. However you discovered your mouse problem, Tomcat is here to help, with a selection of bait stations designed to help you take back control.

Each of the mouse bait stations listed below is extremely effective, killing up to a dozen mice* with a single 1-ounce bait block. But which one is right for you? Use this simple guide.

Choose the

-       You have a dog or cat.

-       You suspect you’ve got a sizeable number of mice.

-       Your mice problem is recurring.

-       You want a solution that’s effective both indoors and out.

Choose the

-       You have pets.

-       You’ve only seen or heard signs of a few mice.

-       You’d rather not touch or store bait blocks.

-       You want the flexibility of controlling mice both outdoors and indoors.

Choose the

-       Your household doesn’t include cats or dogs.

-       Your mouse problem is small-scale.

-       Handling bait blocks isn’t something you like to do.

-       You don’t need outdoor mouse control.

How Tomcat® bait stations work:

It’s simple, really. Mice enter the station, snack on the bait, leave, and usually die in their nests. That’s why you won’t find dead mice in the stations.

What if I have rats?

No problem! Tomcat has bait stations for rats, too. Try the Tomcat® Rat Killer Disposable Bait Station, Child & Dog Resistant, which comes pre-loaded with a 4-ounce bait block that kills up to 10 rats*.

How to use Tomcat® bait stations:

Whether you choose refillable or disposable, Tomcat® bait stations are easy to use. Here’s a quick overview, but be sure to read all of the instructions on the package.

1.     Remove the station from the package.

2.     If it’s refillable, put on a pair of gloves and insert the bait block.

3.     Place the station in an area in which you’ve seen signs of mice or heard them moving around at night, such as along a wall or in a dark corner.

4.     Be sure to place the station so it faces outward.

5.     Repeat as needed, placing stations 8 to 12 feet apart.

6.     Leave disposable stations out for at least 15 days or until there are no more signs of mice. For refillable traps, add more bait as needed. Again, follow all directions!

No matter which Tomcat® bait station you choose, you can rest assured that your mouse problem will soon be a thing of the past!


* based on no-choice laboratory testing